Proven Process Increase Your Referrals for your Healthcare Facilities

Effective Strategies to help You and your Marketer Increase your Census and Change your Payor Mix 

Are you getting a promotion and demotion in the next 2 years?
Will you hire or keep the right marketer? Do you have the right doctors on your panel?  
Will be able to manage a new location? What do you do if your ratings change for the worse?
The whole thing can leave you feeling like you live on chance.

No business should have to roll the dice.

We understand how to navigate seemingly intangible factors in marketing. 

"My mission is to empower you to maximize your impact in the life of every patient you see,
and grow your business in the process"

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The Focus of This Program is Simple

Develop the perfect marketing plan for you by using the professional expertise and personal experience you already have to become a recognized leader, who creates meaningful impact.

Are you confident in Marketing Strategy?

Are you uncertain what your marketer is doing or if someone else is going to try to take them away? A confident marketing strategy will give you the insights how to best move forward without the worry.

Are you introverted or anti-social?

If you feel like marketing is not your forte and you want to leave it to your marketer, you are in the right place. We help you understand who to see, what to say and when to say it . The strategies take practice. Learn from over a decade of experience. Save the time from mistakes.

Will you still be in the same company in 2 years?

Do you want a promotion?

Every 2 years in the post-acute industry, new administrators and new marketers move to different facilities. You are either promoted or demoted (if you are lucky not to get fired) from your healthcare administration position. Be confident in your business development strategies.

Don't leave the fate of your career to the "right" Marketer, "right" Doctor Panel and "right" Staff Members

If you are indecisive wheather to keep a physician or staff, we help you to easily determine if they are the right fit for you and your team. We provide tools and strategies to find and keep the right people. 


“I have never been so confident with my marketing team until now. We have strategies that have carried us through low seasons and through changing staff. My facility did not waiver.”

Laura A. Administrator

Healthcare Success Mentoring Program

The Greatest Advantages for you is being able to expand your Career

You will not only able to support your marketer, but you can move into an new company or new location and know you have the right tools to carry you through. Trained administrators don't just receive bonuses and raises. They receive well earned promotions. From administrators to regional positions to owners, anything is possible.


Empower the Marketing Department with the help of data-driven strategies

A customized healthcare marketing strategy is our road map for how marketing activities will help you attract patients, and maintain and scale your company. An excellent marketing strategy will align with your specific business goals, identify high-value opportunities, articulate why your facility is the perfect place for their financial and medical needs.

What Previous Clients say

Jennifer A.


The value that she has provided me in education, training, guidance, sincerity, and friendship is priceless. Approaching her feels like talking to a big sister; open to help, ready to tackle challenges, inspire when you're feeling down, and most importantly, invested in your success.

Joe A.

CEO of College Medical Center

Amanda realizes that personal involvement and individual commitment are the cornerstones to her success in post-acute care services. Her energetic and conscientious dedication, coupled with her ability to apply the correct amount of diplomacy and direct tact, allows her to obtain the best possible results in any situation.

Mark B.


I received a promotion to regional administrator within the first 6 months, because I applied all of these tactics to the company. I am the leader with the right strategies to move my career forward.

Effective. Results-Driven.

Customized to Your Unique Experience

We focus solely on what’s required to achieve sustainable success. We don’t hold anything back or add in extra fluff. We’re big proponents of protecting your most precious resources:

Time, Energy and Money.

Amanda Alcodia

Business Development, Strategy & Messaging

Amanda has spoken for the Hospital Association of Southern California (HASC), Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA), Healthcare Executive of Southern CA (a subdivision of the American College of Healthcare Executive of Southern CA), the Executive Master’s Program at University of Southern California (USC), California State University, Long Beach (CSULB), and University of Phoenix as well as strategic planning sessions for Alta Health Systems and American Career College. Amanda presents on a variety of subject matters such as the different levels of post-acute, personal development, and team building, where she has a passion for teaching and motivating professionals.

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