Chris Goethel

Investor, Business Strategist.
Marketing- und Process Automation.

I help you to evalute and optimize your business systems and processes, identify the growth potential and unleash it to create the money, time and magic you desire and deserve.

About Chris

My original background is in Industrial Mathematics (B.Sc. Applied Mathematics) and in Medical Engineering (M.Sc.). I have a big passion for process optimization & profit maximization and love to make life, things & businesses more efficient! ⚙

During my teens, I have developed another huge passion for health, sports & nutrition and acquired extensive knowledge there to transform the health & life quality of myself and others. Biohacking and looking for the next edge to reach new limits are on my daily schedule! 🙌

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The key to a successful business is both strategic innovation,
but also the intelligent optimization of existing processes at all levels!

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