Analyze & Create your Business OptiMax Strategy

We help you to increase your revenue, optimize your profit margin and maximize your company value - so that you gain more free cashflow or are able to sell & exit your business. Chris has a notable reputation in tripling company revenues and also reversing bankruptcies.

Grow your Company and Save Time, Money & Energy

David C.

"I don't make a business decision without consulting him first. There are endless possibilities and we tap into the best options."

What Clients Say

I made more money that I have ever just by doing the 3 things he said in the order he says it. It only took me a month to see results. If I can just get the answers to the test of business, I know I would do well. Amazing enough he is the man that not only has the cheat sheet and teach it to you but gives you the answers. He is the guy everyone goes to after class to compare notes and make sure they are on track

Claire P.

When I think I am stuck, he finds the possibilities and helps me see it through. I feel more confident with our work together. The only way to fail is not doing the work he says. I don't ever have to worry about that because he keeps me accountable and allows me to do what I do best. He helps me manage and delegate the things I don't want to do. That is the best part of his services.

Judy M.

I created my empire and thought I couldn't make more money from my business. I was going to sell my business for 2 times multiple. He was able to help me close it for 4 times. Double the amount what I projected we would close! We made more money that year and still sold for more. How incredible is that!

Richard P.

Chris has studied under these renown Mentors

Over several years, Chris has immersed into their teachings and integrated the most profound insights into his work.

What we offer

Business OptiMax Strategy Workshop

You will receive a Questionnaire with selected questions to be filled out before the workshop so that we can dive deeper during our appointment and get to your ideal outcome.

Business Strategy Session 60 Minutes

Chris will help you to analyze & strategize your current business challenges and opportunities. You will overcome the obstacles and blockages that you are facing in order to accelerate even more.

Connecting to your Intuition for Business

In this session, you will be guided into a deep meditative trance in which you will be able to access your Higher Self to get guidance and answers to questions that will accelerate you and your business.

Past Life Regression & Future Timelines

We will explore one of your Past Lives and you will be able to experience past memories or just observe different events from your past - but without any emotional, mental or physical discomfort. Alternatively, we are able to look into a possible Future Timeline and the consequences that specific decisions would have on your life, your family, your business and the world.

Personalized Health & Vitality Analysis

We will analyze your current Health & Vitality status. That includes the Bio-Electricity (Voltage & Polarity of your Meridians), Energy Centers / Chakra Aligment & Aura and different Traumata / Blockages that you have accumulated (Physically, Emotionally, Ancestral, Past Lifes). You will fill out a questionnaire and we will go deeper in the anamnesis to find the biggest potentials of improvement.

Intentional Plasma Charging & Healing

Chris will first resolve different Traumata / Blockages that you have accumulated throughout your life. He will work on your Bio-Electricity by correcting the Polarity of your Energy Chakras, Organs and Cells. and charging the Voltage in all those circuits. Holes and leakages in your Energy Aura will be fixed and strengthened it in order to protect you from external influences and maintain your energy level.

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