Chris Goethel

Investor, Life & Business Strategist. Marketing and Process Automation.

Chris helps business owners to increase revenue, optimize the profit margin and maximize the company evaluation - so that a potential business exit becomes possible if desired. He has notably 3X companies and has pulled out companies of bankrupcy.

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Business Optimization & Maximitation Framework

When working with his clients, Chris focusses at three main areas.


Cashflow Optimization

Analyzing the specific profit margin with overall company costs reduced down to individual products / services combined with the Cashcycle in order to make sure that upscale possibilities become optimal for growing without external capital


Business Operating System

Optimize & automate the internal processes both for cost efficiency, value chain and product/service fulfillment


Business Growth Engine

Optimize & Maximize the external processes and customer journey/experience to scale leads and sales since with 1+2 scaling now becomes possible without headache

About Chris Göthel

Chris has a profoundly gifted IQ score. Recognized by the Mensa Society, he is in the top 99th percentile for his IQ.

If that doesn't tell you a lot, consider Mensa, the best-known high-IQ society in the world. Two percent of the general population may qualify for Mensa, which has a worldwide membership of about 110,000. Chris has not just reached the top two percent, but the top ONE percent!

Chris has phenomenal analytical. project management and problem-solving skills with a proven track record of executing an operational vision, business development, and strategic planning while exceeding budget projections.

Additionally, he is a firm believer in servant leadership over providing value.
Several achievements for other companies have been: 

  • Client A: 3 X revenue within 24 months
  • Client B: Help a company gain $100K within 1 week and prevented bankruptcy during COVID
  • Client C: Turning around $30k Loss per month into $20k Profit per month within 3 months
  • Client D: 4 X revenue within 1 year
  • Client E: Started at $70k and brought to a quarter of a million within 1 year, that is 3.6 X, an increase of 260%!

The key to a successful business is strategic innovation and the intelligent structuring, automatization & optimization of existing processes at all levels!

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